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spring 11 - e14 - applied mechanics: statics


e14 - statics - e14 on youtube

ellen kuhl wed 2:30pm, durand 217
charbel eid, tue 6:00pm, durand 203
chris ploch wed 5:00pm, durand 393
julianne gould, thu 10:00pm, durand 203
estevan mendoza thu 1:00pm, durand 393

mon wed fri 12:50-2:05, 370-370



why do things break? to reliably predict what’s going on inside a structure, we need to know the forces that act on it. it’s newton’s law that helps us to determine these forces. basically, this class is all about newton’s law, force equilibrium, and its application to civil, mechanical, aerospace, and biological problems. we explore it for particles first, then for two-dimensional, and finally for three-dimensional systems. first we look at the structure from the outside, then from the inside. we learn how to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems. to do so, you should be familiar with and not afraid of maths, vectors, and basic physics.


  • 20 % homework - 5 homework assignments, 4% each
  • 25 % midterm 1 - closed book, closed notes, one single page cheat sheet
  • 25 % midterm 2 - take home exam
  • 25 % final - closed book, closed notes, one single page cheat sheet

the best of the three exams will count 30% towards your final grade


day date topic chapter notes/slides
w01 force week ch 1-2
mon mar 28 what's statics? 1.1-1.5 n01,s01
wed mar 30 what's a 2d force? 2.1-2.4 n02,s02
fri apr 01 what's a 3d force? 2.5-2.9 n03,s03
w02 particle week ch 3
mon apr 04 what's a free body diagram at a point? 3.1-3.2 n04,s04
wed apr 06 what's force equilibrium at a point? 3.3-3.4 n05,s05
fri apr 08 problem session 1 h01
w03 moment week ch 4
mon apr 11 what's a moment? 4.1-4.4 n06,s06
wed apr 13 what's a couple? what's distributed loading? 4.5-4.7 n07,s07
fri apr 15 problem session 2 h02
w04 practice week ch 1-4
mon apr 18 problems, problem, problems ...
wed apr 20 midterm 1, all day take home, wed 12pm - thu 2pm
fri apr 22 recover-from-midterm friday / no problem session
w05 2d equilibrium week ch 5
mon apr 25 what's a free body diagram of a 2d system? 5.1-5.2 n08,s08
wed apr 27 what force and moment equilibrium in 2d? 5.3-5.4 n09,s09
fri apr 29 problem session 3 h03
w06 3d equilibrium week ch 5
mon may 02 what's a free body diagram of a 3d system? 5.5 n10,s10
wed may 04 what force and moment equilibrium in 3d? 5.6-5.7 n11,s11
fri may 06 problem session 4 h04
w07 structures week ch 6
mon may 09 what's truss structure? 6.1-6.3 n12,s12
wed may 11 what's a frame? 6.6 n13,s13
fri may 13 problem session 5
w08 internal force week ch 7
mon may 16 what's inside? 7.1 n14,s14
wed may 18 midterm 2, in class, closed book, 1 cheat sheet cubberley
fri may 20 what's a shear and moment diagram? 7.2-7.3 n15,s15
w09 friction and center week ch 8-9
mon may 23 what's friction? 8.1-8.2 n16,s16
wed may 25 what's the center? 9.1-9.2 n17,s17
fri may 27 problem session 6 h05
w10 that's it week
mon may 30 memorial day / no class
wed jun 01 what's a was this all about? rep 1-9 n18,s18
fri jun 03 end of quarter / no class
sun jun 05 makeup final, in class, closed book, 1 cheat sheet 530-127
mon jun 06 final, in class, closed book, 1 cheat sheet cubaud

download syllabus here

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