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habilitation thesis

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professor harm askes (university of sheffiled, uk), professor paul steinmann (university of erlangen-nuremberg, germany), professor dani schmid (university of oslo, norway), professor swantje bargmann (tu hamburg harburg, germany), professor bert sluys (tu delft, the netherlands), m sc alberto bordallo (tu delft, the netherlands), professor julia mergheim (university of erlangen-nuremberg, germany), dr ing rouven mohr (tu kaiserslautern, germany), dr ing holger meier (tu kaiserslautern, germany), professor angelo simone (tu delft, the netherlands), dr terry bennett (university of sheffield, uk), dr ir martijn stroeven (tu delft, the netherlands), dr ing grieta himpel (tu kaiserslautern, germany), professor andreas menzel (tu dortmund, germany), professor sigrid leyendecker (university of erlangen-nuremberg, usa), professor akke suiker (tu eindhoven, the netherlands), dr ing philippe jaeger (tu kaiserslautern, germany)