living matter lab


me309 - finite element analysis in mechanical design


ellen kuhl -
marc levenston -
addala bhargav -
namkeun kim -

winter 2008
tue thu 9:30-10:45

this course has originally been developed by
sheri shepard



basic concepts of finite elements, with applications to problems confronted by mechanical designers. linear static, modal, and thermal formulations; nonlinear and dynamic formulations. students implement simple element formulations. application of a commercial finite element code in analyzing design problems. issues: solution methods, modeling techniques features of various commercial codes, basic problem definition. Individual projects focus on the interplay of analysis and testing in product design and development. prerequisite: math103, or equivalent. recommended: me80, or equivalent in structural and/or solid mechanics; some exposure to principles of heat transfer.


  • 50 % homework - 4 homework assignments, 12.5% each
  • 30 % midterm - open book, open notes
  • 20 % project - final homework project


day date topic notes hw
tue jan 08 introduction c00 c01 kuhl
thu jan 10 1d bar elements c02 h01 kuhl
tue jan 15 ansys - introduction (in terman 104) t01 t02 t03 bhargav
thu jan 17 1d bar elements c04 kuhl
tue jan 22 1d beam elements c05 kuhl
thu jan 24 1d beam elements c06 h02 kuhl
tue jan 29 2d trianglular elements m03 h05 levenston
thu jan 31 ansys - modeling m03 levenston
tue feb 05 2d quadrilaterial elements m04
thu feb 07 isoparametric concept m04 h03,h04
tue feb 12 stress calculation - error analysis m05
thu feb 14 stress calculation - error analysis m06
tue feb 19 thermal analysis m08
thu feb 21 thermal analysis m08
tue feb 26 modeling errors - validation m09
thu feb 28 special topics in finite element analysis
tue mar 04 midterm
thu mar 06 special topics in finite element analysis
tue mar 11 special topics in finite element analysis
thu mar 13 special topics in finite element analysis
fri mar 14 final projects due

additional reading

(1) cook rd: finite element modeling for stress analysis, john wiley & sons, 1995
(2) buchanan gr: schaum's outline of finite element analysis, mc graw hill, 1994
(3) logan dl.: a first course in the finite element method, cengage engineering, 2006